10 Important Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, it is important to make an effort to not only please your customers, but to treat them very well. Just like corporations, customer service is an important part of a business. By making your customers feel valued, they will continue to use your services. Consider these customer service tips to improve upon your small business customer service skills. Let your small business help bring in more happy customers.
Establish a rapport. Every customer wants to know that you value them. You need to consider the relationship that you have with your clients. By maintaining a good relationship, your client will feel like you truly care about them, and will want to continue doing business with you. This is probably the most important small business advice.
Make personal phone calls. Whenever possible, make personal phone calls to your customers. If your customer hears your voice, they will feel like your company really cares. In a world where email and other quick forms of communication are popular, you can make your small business stand out by making personal phone calls in addition to your usual communication methods.
Distribute a Newsletter. By creating a newsletter, your customers will be better informed about your company and its happenings. Clients love when businesses stay in touch and update them on news and industry happenings.
Acknowledge holidays and birthdays. If you really want to be set apart from the crowd, make sure to acknowledge birthdays, holidays and other special events. Customers want to know that they have not been forgotten about. This is a great way to make the day of your customers. This will help keep your customer coming back, and will continue to bring you a profit.
Break your own rules occasionally. You will learn that there is not always one way to do something. By breaking your rules occasionally you may learn that you have kept a customer that may have otherwise left. It is important to make decisions based on each issue that is presented to you. This will enable you to keep your customers happy.
Let your employees making customer service decisions. Teach your employees how to respect your clients. Trust in your employees and their customer service decisions. By doing this, your employees will continue to recognize customer service and the value of keeping customers happy.
Offer Gift Certificates. If your customer is happy with your company and its services, chances are they will be likely to recommend your small business to friends and family. By offering gift certificates, you are making it easy to share your company and a way for other people to learn about your business and its many offerings.
Give back to your community. It is important to show support for you community. Small businesses are often supported by their surrounding communities. By showing that you care, and by giving back to your community, customers will see that you care about other things other than just your business.
Create a network.Branch out to other small businesses. Learn and share information from other businesses in your industry. There is always more to learn about your field, and by creating a network with other businesses, you will not only learn more, but your business will continue to grow.
Spy on yourself. Consider having mystery shoppers visit your store. This will teach you both what is working and what is not. It is important to learn this in order to improve upon all aspects of your small business.These small business tips will help you continue improve customer service. In a world where small business owners are constantly competing with corporations and big businesses, this customer service help will make you stand out from the crowd. Customers appreciate working with small businesses that care.